Python IDEs

Install a Python IDE

An Integrated Desktop Environment (IDE) is a software application for programming. In addition to simple text editing they have all kind of features such as syntax highlighting, code completion, tabs, a class browser and many more.

Online Python Interpreters

The online interpreters may not work for everything but will work for most of the beginner tutorials. I recommend using a desktop IDE or the official Python interpreter.

Overview of IDEs (You only need one)

PyCharmJetbrainsWindows, Mac OS X, Linux/UNIXPython IDE. Features including: code completion, code inspections, on-the-fly error highlighting and quick-fixes€ 89 / 1st year.($ 97.90)Download PyCharm 
Atom (+script plugin)GitHubWindows, Mac OS X, Linux/UNIXPython IDE. You need to download the script plugin after installing Atom.Free.Download Atom.
Pythonistaomz:softwareApple iOS (iPhone, iPad)Features include: Syntax highlighting, code completion, interactive prompt, standard and iOS modules.€ 9. ($ 9.90)Download Pythonista.
Eclipse with PyDevAleks ToticWindows, Mac OS X, Linux/UNIXFeatures include: Syntax highlighting, code refactoring, graphical debugging and more.FreeDownload 
Eric Python IDEDetlev OffenbachWindows, Linux/UNIXFeatures include: Syntax highlighting, autocompletion, class browser and more.FreeDownload 
Wing IDEWingwareWindows, Mac OS X, Linux/UNIXFeatures: Syntax highlighting, auto completion, refactoring, unit testing and version control.$45 to $245 per user / license.Download 
Komodo IDEKomodoWindows, Mac OS X, Linux/UNIXFeatures: Syntax highlighting, documentation browser, run code in-line, quick bookmarks and more.€ 40 to € 223. ($99 to $295).Download 
SkulptSkulptWebPython interpreterFreeRun Online 
Repl.itAmjad Masad, Haya Odeh, Faris Masad and Max Shawabkeh.WebPython interpreterFreeRun Online 
IdeoneIdeoneWebPython interpreterFreeRun Online 
CodepadSteven HazelWebPython interpreterFreeRun Online