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Machine Learning

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Machine Learning is essentially that algorithms make predictions or do intelligent behaviors based on data. It is a part of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Machine Learning System make predictions (based on data) or other intelligent behavior. There are all kinds of ML systems that you may already be familiar with (face detection, face recognition, data clustering, price prediction etc)

Data is a key part of any Machine Learning System. The data to be used depends on the problem to be solved (different problems, different datasets)

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Machine Learning uses algorithms that “learn” from data.
Algorithms and articles related to Machine Learning:

Why Machine Learning?

Machine Learning lets the algorithms “learn from data”. The software developer does not need to explicitly write code for every form of intelligence.

Past attempts to create intelligent systems required the programmer to write every line of code. Of course, for many intelligent systems this is simply undoable.

For example, how would you program a “speech recognition” system? How would you write a program that decides if an image contains a cat or dog?

What can you do with Machine Learning?

Many ML algorithms have been designed, they can be grouped into a few categories.
Machine learning algorithms are designed to do these tasks:

  • prediction: predict future outcomes given new data
  • clustering: automatically group lots of data points
  • classification: predict the class of data
  • regression: predict values
  • recommendation: recommend new products based on past purchases

Some practical examples of problems that may be approached with Machine Learning algorithms are:

  • optical character recognition (OCR): scan book image to text
  • computer vision: make the computer see
  • search engines: computerized speech
  • speech recognition: speech to text, think Alexa
  • recommender systems: recommend items, for example products or videos
  • financial market analysis

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