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Welcome to my Python Course! 

Python is a general-purpose computer programming language.
This course is suitable for both Python 2 and Python 3.

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Download Python

To run Python code, you will need one of these programs:

For terminal only: Apple Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux/UNIX

<caption id=”attachment_3478” align=”alignnone” width=”300”]pycharm PyCharm, a popular Python editor

Run Python code

A python program should be save as a file with a .py extension.
Try this code:

print("Hello World!")
print("This is a Python program.")

Expected output:

Hello World!
This is a Python program

If you are using the interpreter use:


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saiharsha Sun, 4 Apr 2021

is this tutorial is a full python course? if not tell me a website name which provides a full course of python.

Frank Sun, 4 Apr 2021

Yes, you can learn from this website. However, if you want to learn more I recommend taking the recommended course (on top) as it includes videos, exercises, examples and a lot more.