Welcome to my Python Course! 

Python is a general-purpose computer programming language.
This course is suitable for both Python 2 and Python 3.

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Download Python

To run Python code, you will need one of these programs:

For terminal only: Apple Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux/UNIX

<caption id=”attachment_3478” align=”alignnone” width=”300”]pycharm PyCharm, a popular Python editor

Run Python code

A python program should be save as a file with a .py extension.
Try this code:

print("Hello World!")
print("This is a Python program.")

Expected output:

Hello World!
This is a Python program

If you are using the interpreter use:

python program.py

31 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Sean
    - September 12, 2015

    Hi, I am completely new to programming and do not know what to download. Which would be the best for me?

    1. Frank
      - September 12, 2015

      Hi Sean,
      To get started, I recommend using one of the online versions to get the basics. After follow the advice below Yash’s comment

  2. Anozie
    - August 30, 2015

    pls my question is that, will this tutorial give me all i need to know to be a complete python programmer

    1. Frank
      - August 30, 2015

      Yes. You’ll be able to create apps, web apps and other types of programs after doing these tutorials.

  3. Jim
    - August 28, 2015

    which plugin are u using for comments ??

    1. Frank
      - August 28, 2015

      Hi, just wpDiscuz.

  4. Yash
    - August 27, 2015

    after writing a single line of code it gets executed. what should i do? i have to write multiple lines of code.

    1. Frank
      - August 27, 2015

      Hi Yash,

      There are several methods to do that:
      1) Use a development environment such as PyCharm or Atom + script plugin.
      2) Create a text file with your code, save it as yourprogram.py. Instead of starting pyhton with: python.exe, start python with : python.exe yourprogram.py
      3) Use an online python version

      In the videos I’m using Atom+script plugin, you may like the same thing or prefer another development environment.

  5. Akash Rana
    - August 23, 2015

    I have done c and c++…..how similar is python to c.

    1. Frank
      - August 23, 2015

      They have some similarities but they are extremely different languages. Both C++ and Python have support for object orientation. Python is a higher level of abstraction and because of that you can do things like string operations much easier.
      Here are some differences between C++ and Python:

      • Compilation There is no compilation step, which is mandatory in C or C++. (Usually) Python code is interpreted.
      • Memory management Allocation of memory for variables is not needed. C and C++ have no garbage collection and can easily throw a segfault or out of memory error, whereas Python has a garbage collector.
      • Datatypes Python supports high level datatypes such as tuples, lists, dictionaries (hash table) out of the box. In C++ every type is explicitly declared and verified during compilation, Python datatypes are bound to the values and validated at run time.
      • Indention. Python uses indention to define code blocks whereas C and C++ use brackets.
      • Syntax The syntax of Python is very clean, which is one of the major goals of the Python language. For instance, in C/C++ you need semicolons for every statement which is not necessary.
      • Modules Availability to a large standard library supporting pretty much every internet protocol, data parsing etc
      • Web apps Building web apps in Python is not uncommon, although not the primary focus of the language
  6. Saqib Ali Khan
    - August 22, 2015

    Hi Frank,
    how to clear python interpreter screen on windows and how to run a program (script) from interpreter on windows? “Python file.py” does not seem to be working on windows.

    1. Frank
      - August 22, 2015

      Hi Saqib Ali khan,
      There are two ways to solve this:
      1: Add python.exe to your system path, navigate to the directory of your project (where file.py is) and run python file.py, where file is the name of your program.
      2: (best method) use a python programming environment like Atom+script or PyCharm.

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