PyQt5 messagebox

In this article you will learn how to create a PyQt5 messagebox:


To show a messagebox we need to import QMessageBox.

from PyQt5.QtWidgets import QApplication, QWidget, QPushButton, QMessageBox

We use the method QMessageBox.question() to display the messagebox.

PyQt5 messagebox code

Copy the code below to display a messagebox.

import sys
from PyQt5.QtWidgets import QApplication, QWidget, QPushButton, QMessageBox
from PyQt5.QtGui import QIcon
from PyQt5.QtCore import pyqtSlot

class App(QWidget):

def __init__(self):
self.title = 'PyQt5 messagebox - pythonspot.com'
self.left = 10
self.top = 10
self.width = 320
self.height = 200

def initUI(self):
self.setGeometry(self.left, self.top, self.width, self.height)

buttonReply = QMessageBox.question(self, 'PyQt5 message', "Do you like PyQt5?", QMessageBox.Yes | QMessageBox.No, QMessageBox.No)
if buttonReply == QMessageBox.Yes:
print('Yes clicked.')
print('No clicked.')


if __name__ == '__main__':
app = QApplication(sys.argv)
ex = App()

More buttons for a messagebox
Take into account we use QMessageBox.Yes and QMessageBox.No. We can easily add other options:

buttonReply = QMessageBox.question(self, 'PyQt5 message', "Do you want to save?", QMessageBox.Yes | QMessageBox.No | QMessageBox.Cancel, QMessageBox.Cancel)
if buttonReply == QMessageBox.Yes:
print('Yes clicked.')
if buttonReply == QMessageBox.No:
print('No clicked.')
if buttonReply == QMessageBox.Cancel:

The available buttons are:

Download PyQT5 Examples

QMessageBox.Cancel QMessageBox.Ok QMessageBox.Help
QMessageBox.Open QMessageBox.Save QMessageBox.SaveAll
QMessageBox.Discard QMessageBox.Close QMessageBox.Apply
QMessageBox.Reset QMessageBox.Yes QMessageBox.YesToAll
QMessageBox.No QMessageBox.NoToAll QMessageBox.NoButton
QMessageBox.RestoreDefaults QMessageBox.Abort QMessageBox.Retry

5 thoughts on “PyQt5 messagebox

  1. Vijaya Bhaskar
    - March 11, 2018

    What other methods are available in QMessagebox? like question do we have Alert, information etc?

    1. Frank
      - March 11, 2018

      Yes, you have QMessageBox.about(), QMessageBox.critical(), QMessageBox.information() and QMessageBox.warning(). If you want another message box, simply change the method called to one of those above.

      1. Vijaya Bhaskar
        - March 17, 2018

        Thanks a lot Frank. All worked fabulous.

  2. Damien Wayne
    - January 16, 2018

    What is the datatype of QMessageBox.yes and QMessageBox.No?

    1. Frank
      - January 20, 2018

      They are simply values.

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